Confirmation Rosaries

Confirmation Rosaries

The word Rosary  means 'Crown of Roses.  The Blessed Mother has revealed to many that each time a person says a Hail Mary they are, in effect, giving her a crown of roses.  The rose is also known as the queen of flowers thus making the Holy Rosary the rose of all devotions and the most important.  In every apparition of Mary, she has invited us to say the Rosary to bring peace to the world.  It is a powerful weapon against evil.
The Rosary was given to us from the Blessed Mother through Saint Dominic.  St Dominic, seeing the gravity of the people of the Albigensians sins, prayed and wept for three days and three nights.  He did penance so harsh to appease the wrath of God that he fell into a coma.  During the coma Our Lady appeared to him in the company of three angels.   She comforted him so he rose and made straight for the cathedral.  Unseen angels ran the cathedral bells to gather the people so St. Dominic could preach.
As he began a terrible storm arose and the people were afraid.  Their fear grew tenfold when a picture of Our Lady exposed in a prominent place began to move.  Our Lady raised her arms to heaven three times calling down God's vengeance upon them if they did not convert, amend their lives and seek the protection of the Mother of God.
Because of this supernatural phenomenon, devotion to the Holy Rosary spread.  St. Dominic continued to preach and teach the Holy Rosary for the rest of his life.  He spread word of the Rosary by his sermons in cities, and in country, to people of low station or scholars, to Catholics and to heretics.  He said the Rosary daily before each of his sermons.  In the beginning his sermons were deep and brilliant but the Blessed Mother appeared to him again cautioning him that simplistic faith would attract more.  And so, Saint Dominic learned to explain the salutations of the Hail Mary as he would a child and to attach its meaning to the simplicities of life.  In this way, St. Dominic was able to spread the message to other ministers and scholars to keep their sermons pure and simple of heart so that all may understand the word of God.
The Rosary had become a universal symbol of faith and makes an excellent gift not only at Confirmation but for any occasion.  The prayers of the Rosary surround the instances of the Blessed Virgin's life.  In the Joyful Mysteries we feel her ecstasy in becoming the mother of God, of giving him birth and presenting him to the temple and again after finding him when she believed he was lost. In the Sorrowful Mysteries we witness the times her heart was pieced with unimaginable sorrow as her son suffered, was beaten, mocked and crucified.  In the Glorious Mysteries we witness the magnificence when her Son rose from the dead, ascended into heaven; when the Holy Spirit descended upon herself and the Apostles at the first confirmation and finally when she is taken into glory and crowned the Queen of Heaven.

Moonstone Confirmation RosaryMoonstone Rosary R41917


Red Cloisonné Confirmation Rosary Red Cloisonne RosaryR41 1858



Confirmation Rosaries

First Holy Communion & Master Collection   GP223 w/b
                                                                    RH 223 bl
                                                                    SP981ab   aurora borealis
                                                                    RH1026101 birthstone



Bliss Expressions of Faith Handmade Rosaries for Confirmation R4292cms         

communion rosary
confirmation rosaries
confirmation rosary


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