Confirmation Present Ideas

Confirmation Present Ideas

Pentecost is considered to be the oldest feast of the Church.  The feast originates from the Jewish Feast of weeks, fifty days after Passover (Deuteronomy 16:10).  Jewish Tradition holds that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses fifty days after the first Passover when the Hebrews were freed from Egyptian bondage. 
According to the Book of Acts, the Church came into being the day of Pentecost when about one-hundred and twenty, including the Disciples and the Blessed Virgin, were fasting and praying in seclusion in an upper room in Jerusalem.  The Holy Spirit descended upon them.  It is said a violent rushing wind was heard throughout the city.  Small flames of fire rested upon their heads and they began to speak in different languages.   As others came to investigate Peter the Apostle began to speak to them of Jesus.  Three-thousand heard the truth of his words and became followers of Jesus.
Pentecost traditions have varied over the years.  Some churches perform baptisms throughout the day.  Pentecost is also called 'Whitsunday' because of the white garments worn by those who are baptized.   Italian churches  dispense rose petals from the ceiling to symbolize the tongues of fire described in the Book of Acts. French churches blow trumpets to depict the rushing of the wind that accompanied the Holy Spirit.  Both Catholic and Protestant churches read scripture from Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel and/or Acts.
Pentecost means a time of renewal for Christians.  The celebration of Pentecost imparts faith and hope and an awareness of a much greater power and purpose than themselves and their community. The Confirmation gifts of the Holy Spirit represent growth in ones' personal development and growing spiritual knowledge.
Confirmation presents  display many things and are given for many reasons.  They can be a replica of shared faith, a knowledge of the communicant's inner wishes or goals or just a token of ones understanding.


Confirmation Present (Holy Spirit Key Chain) for an older teen or adultHoly Spirit Key ChainR1688

Pope John Paul II Cross PendantPope John Paul II Cross Pendant  R42058  is a  
                              unique confirmation gift


Confirmation Medal   Confirmation MedalR16368



Dove PendantDove Pendant   R5011 confirmation present


Confirmation Gifts for Adults

St. Florian MedalSt. Florien Medal   R16390

St. Florien is the patron saint of firefighters.


St. Michael the Archangel Medal
St. Michael is the patron saint of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, policemen, radiologists, the sick and Germany.   As the Chief Commander in the Army of God, St. Michael is often called upon as a namesake for Confirmation recipients.
St. Michael MedalR5060


St. Raphael the Archangel Medal
St. Raphael is the patron saint of the blind, nurses, physicians, travelers, lovers and happy meetings. St. Raphael MedalR16471


Gifts for Confirmation Sponsor  Expressions of Faith (Bliss):


Patron Saint Sports Series  4-way and 5-way medals5712SS   5707SS

Dove confirmation necklace 3146GF/SS/18S


Confirmation Rosaries    First Communion & Masterpiece Collection:

Card with Rosary Bracelet  SSC9345

Rosary and Pouch  FC101

Necklace and Bracelet Rosary Aurora Borealis  RH32ABGS


Confirmation presents that are not jewelry

Wall Crosses (Seven Gifts of Confirmation)  WC657    WC633
Patron Saint Statues    (example:   PW778/50  St. Theresa  St Anne-PW778/05

confirmation present
confirmation present ideas
confirmation presents


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