Confirmation Names for Boys

Confirmation Names for Boys

In a way choosing a name at confirmation is a privilege because it is a name the recipient chooses to reflect himself, his purpose as a person, his faith.  Names given a baptism are chosen by the parents.  Surnames─ though often sources of pride ─ are also chosen by a means other than oneself.  So, in choosing a confirmation name one should reflect upon the acts and lives of their patron and choose the name of someone whose actions in life they admire, whose faith they can adhere to, whose faith will be a continual source of wonder and an aid throughout the future  Here is a list of male confirmation names

Names of the Apostles
Andrew                November 30
Apostle and brother to St. Peter, Andrew was a fisherman by trade.  He is a patron of Scotland, Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Army Rangers, Mariners, fishermen, rope-makers, singers and performers.

Barnabas                    June 11
An apostle, St. Barnabas is spoken of in the Acts of the Apostles. It is said at the time of his death he carried a copy of the Gospel of Saint Matthew he had copied by hand. He was a martyr and is patron against hail storms

Bartholomew (Nathanael)    August 24,
One of the Twelve Apostles. a close friend of St. Philip as  it was Philip brought Bartholomew to Jesus. He is patron of butchers, leather workers, bookbinders and against nervous disorders.

James the Lesser          May 3 apostle - with Philip
Apostle. Cousin of Jesus. Brother of Saint Jude Thaddeus. One of the first to have visions of the risen Christ. First Bishop of Jerusalem.  Patron of Italy, Uruguay, druggists, hatters, dying people

John  December 27 apostle, evangelist
Author of the Fourth Gospel

Jude (or Thaddeus) October 28
Apostle and writer of canonical letter, exorcist and  patron of hopeless causes and desperate situations.  Cousin of Jesus

Luke     October 18
Physician, Apostle, Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Luke, Patron of doctors, physicians, surgeons, notaries, sculptors, jewelers, artists, bachelors and lace makers

Matthew,         September 21
Roman Tax Collector, Apostle and author of the Gospel According to Matthew. He is patron to accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, stockbrokers and tax collectors

Peter           June 29 ─ with Paul
Fishermen by trade, brother to St. Andrew the Apostle, he is the Apostle named Simon but renamed 'Peter' (the rock) by Jesus and to whom Jesus gave the 'keys of the kingdom of heaven'.  The first pope.  He was crucified upside down at his request because he did not believe he was worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus.  He is patron to the Papacy, Rome, Fishermen, Bridge Builders, Mason, ship builders, shoemakers, watch makers, and wolves

Simon           October 28- with Jude
Apostle called the 'Zealot' because of his zeal for Jewish law.  He is patron to tanners, curriers, sawmen and sawyers.

Stephen            December 26
The first Christian Martyr, an Apostle written of in the Acts of the Apostles.  He is patron to bricklayers, casket makers, stone workers and masons

Thomas             July 3
Apostle also called 'the doubter' as he questioned Jesus' resurrection.  He is patron to architects, builders, stone workers, construction workers, surveyors and against doubt.

Paul           June 29 ─-with Peter
Commonly called the 13 Apostle, assisted in stoning of Stephen the first martyr before his singular conversion on the road to Antioch.  He is author of many of the sacred scriptures in the New Testament and was martyred in Rome.  He is Patron of Rome, authors, journalists, press, publishers and travelers.


Choose a saint for confirmation who was related to or friend of Jesus
James the Greater      July 25
Son of Zebedee and Salome, brother of Saint John the Apostle, and may have been Jesus' cousin.  Patron of Canada, the Philippines, druggists, pharmacists, blacksmiths, pilgrims, veterinarians, against arthritis,

Joachim        July 26
father of Mary, husband of Anne  Patron of fathers, grandfathers and grandparents

John the Baptist   June 24
Precursor of the Messiah, was Jesus' cousin, son of Elizabeth and Zachary, who baptized Jesus,  martyr

Joseph      March 19
husband of Mary, patron of workers (May 1) and family and a happy death

Mark       April 25
Disciple of Saint Peter who travelled with him to Rome, and was referred to as "my son Mark" by the first Pope. Author of the earliest canonical Gospel. Patron of those Imprisoned, the Philippines, Lawyers, Notaries, Glaziers, Stained Glass Workers, Barristers, Captives)

Timothy        January 26─ with Titus
Converted by St. Paul and became head of the Church in Ephesus. Was martyred.  Patron against stomach and intestinal disorders.

Titus                   January 26─ with Timothy 
First Bishop to the Island of Crete

Zachary  (Zachariah)     November 5
Father of John the Baptist

Roman Catholic Confirmation Names of Angels
Gabriel the Archangel     September 29
Gabriel is the announcer of the three angels mentioned in the Bible.  He delivered the message of Jesus' conception to the Virgin Mary.  He is patron of modern telecommunications, messengers, postal workers, radio workers, diplomats and broadcasters.

Michael the Archangel    September 29
Often called the 'Protector of the Chosen People' he is considered the leader of the Army of God and instrumental in driving Lucifer from Heaven.  He is accepted by Muslims and Jews as well a Christians. Writings of him exist in all three cultures.  He is considered the guardian of Israel and is patron to Knights, Hatters, Mariners, sailors, artists, bakers, bankers, grocers, paratroopers, E.M.T.'s, radiologists, ambulance drivers, fencing, Knights of Columbus, and for a holy death.

Raphael the Archangel   September 29─ with Michael and Gabriel
One of the seven who stand before God's throne, and of the three mentioned in the Bible, he is the patron of Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, the blind, mental illness, and against all eye diseases and nightmares


Choose a saint for confirmation who was a Pope, Bishop, Doctor, Theologian, Founder, Author or Teacher
Albert (the Great)         November 15
Patron of medical technicians, scientists, philosophers, natural sciences, World Youth day, students and all school children
Albert was a Dominican priest who taught theology in Cologne and Paris.  Teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas he is famous for interest in the natural sciences (botany and biology.  He is a Doctor of the Church

Alphonsus Marie Liguori    August 1
Patron of theologians, confessors, vocations and against arthritis
A child prodigy born into nobility he received his doctorate of law from the University of Naples at age 16.  Founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (also called: Liguorians or Redemptorists.  Declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius IX in 1871

Anthony Mary Claret      October 24
Founder of the Claretians he is patron to weavers, the Catholic Press and Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Augustine (of Hippo)   August 28
Known as a theological father of the Reformation, he is patron of the Augustinian Order and is often referred to as Blessed Augustine. He is also patron of brewers, printers and theologians. He was recognized as a Doctor of the Church in 1298 by Pope Boniface

Ambrose                    December 7
Patron of candle makers and domestic animals.  Ambrose was a teacher, preacher and writer of liturgical hymns.  He converted and baptized St. Augustine of Hippo and was proclaimed a Doctor of the Latin Church by Pope Boniface VIII in 1298

Basil the Great     January 2          
Basil the Great was Bishop and Archbishop of Caesarea.  He was declared a Greek Doctor of the Church and Father of the Western Church.  He is patron to hospital administrators.

Benedict              July 11 monastic founder
Twin brother of Scholastica and founder of the Benedictine Order, Benedict is patron of the homeless, farmers, civil engineers, monastic monks and against, witchcraft, kidney diseases and gall stones and poisoning

Charles Borromeo     November 4
He instituted children's Sunday school, enforced the decrees of the Council of Trent, founded schools for the poor, seminaries for clerics and hospitals for the sick.  He is patron of catechists, clergy, seminarians, spiritual directors, catechumens, bishops and apple orchards.

Denis (Dennis)       October 9
One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, St. Dennis was a missionary to Paris and the first Bishop of Paris.  He is patron against headaches, strife and frenzy and patron for possessed people

Francis Xavier        December 3 priest, patron of foreign missions
One the founding fathers of the Jesuit and the first Jesuit missionary.  He is patron of Australia, Borneo, China, missionaries, immigrants and wine makers.

Francis de Sales      January 24 bishop, doctor   patron of writers
A prolific correspondent, doctor of the church, he helped found the Order of the Visitation with St. Jeanne de Chantal.  His is patron to authors, teachers, writers, confessors, journalists, the press, the deaf and the Congo

Francis of Assisi     October 4
Founder of the Franciscan Order, he is patron of animals, birds, animal welfare society, zoos, merchants, needle workers and of a solitary death.

Gregory the Great    September 3
64th Pope, one of the four great Doctors of the Latin Church, he wrote seminal works on the mass and office.  He is patron to students, teachers, musicians, choir members, singers, educators, school children.

Ignatius (of Loyola)     July 31
Founder of the Jesuits  patron of retreats and Jesuits

Ignatius (of Antioch)   October 17  
Convert from paganism to Christianity. Succeeded Peter as bishop of Antioch, Syria  Legend says he was the infant that Jesus took into his arms in Mark 9. Patron of the Church in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and against throat diseases

Irenaeus                June 28
Disciple of Saint Polycarp of Smyrna. Priest in 177. Bishop of Lyons. Worked and wrote against Gnosticism, basing his arguments on the works of Saint John.
Father of the Church.  Patron of the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama

John Baptist de la Salle April 7 priest, educator, founder

John Bosco January 31 priest, founder of the Salesians

John Chrysostom September 13 bishop and doctor

John Eudes August 19 priest, founder of devotion to the Sacred Heart

John Fisher June 22 bishop and martyr

Martin de Porres     November 3
 Founder of orphanage, ministered to slaves and the poor. First black saint from the Americas. Patron to barbers, hairstylists, poor, African Americans and for racial harmony.

Nicholas of Myra     December 6
Priest, abbot, Bishop of Myra, stories of his kindness and generosity have rendered him the eternal myth of 'Santa Claus'.  He is patron of all Children, to Russia, Mariners, travelers, students, prisoners, maidens, scholars, brides, bakers, merchants and judges

Thomas Aquinas      January 28
Pope Leo VIII demanded Thomas writings be studied by all theology students.  He was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1567  Patron to Catholic universities, pencil makers, students, theologians, scholars, philosophers, publishers, for chastity and clear weather,  against storms and lightening

Vincent de Paul    September 27
Founder of Lazarist Fathers and Sisters of Charity.  Patron of charitable societies, hospital workers, lepers, volunteers,


Confirmation names of saints who were martyred
Boniface           June 5 bishop, missionary
Missionary and reformer of Germany where he was martyred, Boniface was bishop and Archbishop of Mainz.  He is patron of Germany, Manitoba Canada, brewers, file cutters and tailors

Christopher             July 25
Although St, Christopher was removed from the Canon Calendar in 1969 he remains the most popular patron of travelers, truck drivers, mariners, sailors, automobiles, bus drivers, gardeners and archers.  Supposedly, St. Christopher was martyred under Decius but little is actually known beyond the legend of carrying the Child Jesus across raging waters.

Cornelius            September 16 - with Cyprian
Was the 21st Pope who served for 18 months during the time when persecutions were so bad papal ascension meant certain death.  Patron of domestic animals, cattle, Germany, against fever, earaches and epilepsy

Cyprian              September 16  with Cornelius
Bishop of Carthage during persecutions of Decius.  He is named in the Communicantes of the Canon of the Mass. 


St. GeorgeApril 23
Several stories have been attached to Saint George, the best known of which is the Golden Legend. In it, a dragon lived in a lake near Silena, Libya. The celebrated Knights of the Garter are actually Knights of the Order of Saint George. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Patron of soldiers, lepers, archers, boy scouts, cavalry, butchers, horses, farmers, of England and against the plague and skin diseases.

Maximillian Maria Kolbe   August 14
Founded a monastery in Nagasaki, Japan which serves as the center of Franciscan work in Japan today.  He was killed at Auschwitz, the Nazi prison death camp in 1941  He is the patron of journalists, prisoners, families and families of addicts.

Sebastian         January 20
Officer of the Imperial Roman army under Diocletian, he was martyred for refusing to denounce his faith.  He is patron to archers, arrow smiths, athletes, iron workers, lead workers, potters, lace makers, stone masons, gardeners, soldiers, police officers, funeral directors and against the plague or enemies of religion.

Sixtus II           August 7
Philosopher and adult convert to Christianity. Deacon in Rome. Pope for less than a year. his name occurs in the prayer Communicantes in the Canon of the Mass. Martyr.

Stanislaus          April 11
Stanislaus became a symbol of Polish patriotism and nationalism, and is sometimes considered a martyr. Patron to Poland, Archdiocese of Cracow and soldiers in battle

Thomas Becket    December 29
Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion argued with Henry II of England and was assassinated by followers of the king.  He is patron to Oxford, Portsmouth, Exeter College, Arbroath Abbey and secular clergy.

Thomas More        June 22 ─ with John Fisher
Friend of King Henry VIII until he refused to sign the Oath of Supremacy (which declared the king head of the Church in England). He was executed and is patron of civil servants, court workers, lawyers, politicians, statesmen, stepparents, widowers and adopted children

Irish Confirmation Names
Brendan             May 16
Very little is known of Brendon other than a connection to a seven year voyage the Isle of the Blessed, as described in Voyage of St. Brendon the Navigator.  He was an Irish born priest and is patron of sailors, boatmen, mariners, travelers and whales.

Kevin   June 3
Lived much of his life as a hermit served as the abbot of Glendough and died at age 120  Stories of St. Kevin involve angels and blackbirds
Patron of a long life, Blackbirds, Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland

Patrick                   March 17
Effectively converted Ireland.  He is patron of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as the Archdiocese of Boston, Sacramento, New York and Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and against fear of snakes, snakebites and toothaches

Other saint names for confirmation
Anthony        June 13
Though born in Lisbon Anthony lived much of his life in Padua, Italy as a Franciscan.  He is the Patron of lost things because of his knack for finding objects the other friars had misplaced.  He is also patron of horses, the American Indians, elderly people, the poor, the starving and those who seek lost articles as those who find faith in the Blessed Sacrament

Blaise                  February 3
Most famous as patron against sore throats, Blaise is one of the fourteen Holy Helpers.

Isidore (the Farmer)      May 10
Patron of farmers, husbands laborers, agricultural workers, for rain and rural communities.

Pio da Pietrelcina    September 23
Commonly known as Padre Pio was the first priest to receive the stigmata.  He was canonized in 2002 and is patron of priests and devotion to prayer

confirmation names for boys
male confirmation names
boy confirmation names
boys confirmation names


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