Confirmation Gifts for Girls

Confirmation Gifts for Girls

The giving of gifts has long been a practice of telling someone how you feel, of praising someone's accomplishment or to encourage them as they reach one of life's many milestones.  Personalizing that gift in some way increases the praise.
Personalized gifts need not be the carrier of your name or the person's you are giving the gift to.  Personalizing can be the face or icon that recognizes someone that person admires.  A personalized gift can be the offering of doing something special for that person, say you will take your sister's turn at washing dishes for a week.  Some people would not consider that a gift but it is.  It's not a physical gift.  It's a gift of the heart.
The Seven Confirmation Gifts of the Holy Spirit are gifts of the heart.  More precisely, gifts from the heart and love of God through the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The confirmation recipient is given wisdom (to recognize and follow God's work through themselves); understanding (to comprehend life through God's wishes); right judgment (knowing the difference between right and wrong); courage (to carry out God's plan): knowledge (to know God's plan); reverence ( respect for God and the Church) and fear (awe at the glory and majesty of God).
The signs and symbols of Confirmation are many in words, deeds and gifts.  Just as there are physical differences between girls and boys, the way one comprehends these gifts or carries them throughout life may be determined whether that person is male or female.  For that reason when choosing gifts for confirmation one should take into account the age of the person as well as their gender.  Girls might want smaller pieces of jewelry or more colorful rosaries.  They might want a more decorative chain to hold a medal upon.  In the end, although many gifts or equally acceptable for both boys and girls, something as insignificant as a chain may render that personal touch as a touch from the heart.


Confirmation Medal    Confirmation MedalR16368


Miraculous Key ChainMiraculous Key Chain  R16879 Confirmation Gift
                                for teens


St. Theresa Medal  Girls' Confirmation Gift

St. Theresa of Lisieux (The Little Flower), purporter of 'the little way'  is the patron saint of aviators, florists, foreign missionaries, France and Russia.
St. Theresa MedalR16938
Confirmation Gifts for Girls St. Christopher Track  and Baseball Medals

St. Christopher is the patron saint of athletes, porters, sailors and travelers.
Girl's St. Christopher Track MedalR16923       Girl's St. Christopher Baseball MedalR16921



First Communion & Masterpiece

Confirmation Jewelry Bracelet with card  (SSC9245/7185FC)

Rosary with purse  and scapular  (FC120)

Confirmation Rosary Bracelet  (SSB273)

Confirmation Necklace  (SS7184) Dove

Madonna and Child Confirmation Pendant (SS9788)

Patron Saint Confirmation Medals  (527/529 series)  according to confirmation name



Maltese Cross with Holy Spirit (5229RSS)

Five Way Medal  (0049ESS)

Holy Spirit  Confirmation Medal (5912SS)

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