Confirmation Gift Suggestions

Confirmation Gift Suggestions


Most assume the giving of gifts began at the birth of Christ when the three kinds visited.  Whether or not that actually be the truth, the giving of gifts is a long, long tradition practiced all over the world.   Christmas is not the only time for gift giving.  There are many other occasions from birthdays to anniversaries, from graduations to retirement.  There are also many objects or spiritual entities people, in general, assume are gifts from God. Among these are life, freedom, the differences and achievements of each season of the year.  For some just the ability to see or to walk is a gift.  For others being able to choose where they live or with whom they live is a gift.  Many gifts are not tangible but never the less they serve to shape us as we are.  An example of those gifts is the confirmation gifts of the Holy Spirit given to each individual when they are confirmed.
The Seven Confirmation Gifts of the Holy Spirit are recognized by Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans as a means to further their sanctification through Christ. The seven gifts are described to us in Isaiah 11:2-3. They are (as described in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and defined by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theological):

  • Wisdom  to see God at work in our lives and throughout the world
  • Understanding  Common Sense or the ability to comprehend life as follower of Jesus Christ
  • Counsel (Right Judgment)   to know the difference between right and wrong


  • Courage (Fortitude) the ability to overcome fear in order to be able to take risks as a follower of Jesus.
  • Knowledge to understand the meaning of God's Revelation through the Scriptures and Tradition and many other ways


  • Reverence (Piety)  Gathering a deep sense of respect for God and the Church
  • Fear of the Lord (Awe of God  in the gift of wonder and awe we become aware of the glory and majesty of God.


According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the four gifts of wisdom, understanding, knowledge and counsel direct the intellect.  Fortitude, reverence and fear of the Lord direct ones will toward God.

The Summa Theological asserts that the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit correspond with the seven Capitol Virtues in this way:

  • Wisdom to Charity
  • Understanding to Faith
  • Counsel to Prudence
  • Fortitude to Courage
  • Knowledge to Faith
  • Piety to Justice
  • Fear if the Lord to Hope


The Seven confirmation gifts of the Holy Spirit were represented as doves in Medieval Art,  especially in the 'Tree of Jesse' which shows the Genealogy of Jesus.

Confirmation Medals as Confirmation Gifts

886SS        Confirmation Medal R16368


Four Way Medal Key Chain Confirmation Gifts for Teens
Four Way Medal Key ChainR16884 
 Guardian Angel Key Chain Gift for ConfirmationGuardian Angel Key ChainR16889


            Two Tone Cross Pendant Confirmation Gift for Sponsor      Two Tone Cross Pendant41236


14KY/Rose Cross Pendant with Shroud  Confirmation Gift 14KY/Rose Cross Pendant with Shroud   R41210

Cross with Dove Pendant  as a Confirmation Gift Cross with Dove PendantR41039



Round St. Sebastian Medal Gift for Confirmation
St. Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, athletes and soldiers.
Round St. Sebastian MedalR1632


Wings of Remembrance (lapel pin)  R16784

Celtic Cross Ring for Confirmation  R2511 

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