Confirmation Gifts for Boys

Confirmation Gifts for Boys

Whenever a special occasion arises, be it the occasion or accomplishment, birthday or milestone, of a friend or a relative, sometimes even an acquaintance, it has become the custom to give them a gift.  So it is with the religious milestone of being confirmed.  In some religions Confirmation is coupled with being baptized and in some religions the gift giving and celebrating is expected to be kept at a minimal.  In the Roman Catholic Church Baptism, Communion and Confirmation are considered very high achievements.
In the Catholic Church the Sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation are considered to be the Sacraments of Ignition.  While Communion (or the Eucharist) is expected to be received repeatedly throughout life, Baptism and Confirmation can only be received once.   Baptism is conducted pretty much by the wishes of the parents.  Communion, though received when one has reached 'the age of reason' (seven or so when they have learned the difference between good and bad, right and wrong), is also a guided milestone within the Church.  Confirmation, on the other hand, takes place when one is a teenager; when one has had ample opportunity to experience both good and evil and has learned through that experience which is the right path to travel; when one has studied and learned and had time to consider the rewards of being confirmed.
In other religions where Baptism, Communion and Confirmation are received at the same time, that person has had time, also, to consider the significance of this step they are taking toward God.
Many choose to reward this milestone with a confirmation gift praising achievement or acknowledging goals or recognizing the recipient's personal wishes.   In most cases the gifts given are not necessarily gender driven.  Still, if this is a personal friend, a niece or nephew, it is wise to consider what might be appropriate for a girl or for a boy.
Below are gift ideas for boys or young men receiving Confirmation.

Cross Key Chain            Cross Key Chain  R16886
Confirmation Gift for Him



Confirmation Gift for Boy Four Way Medal           Four Way MedalR414439

Four way medals bear the Sacred Heart at the top, the Miraculous Medal (or Immaculate Heart) at the bottom and Patron saints such as St Christopher and St Michael on the edge of either arm.

A Five-Way medal is the same but with the Holy Spirit in the center making such a gift very appropriate for Confirmation  (R16884)

Unique Confirmation Gift of a St. Jude Medal          St. Jude Medal  R41522
St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases, desperate situations and hospitals


Round Holy Trinity MedalRound Holy Trinity Medal     R16339
                                   Boy Confirmation Gift




Confirmation MedalBoy's Confirmation Gift    R16368



St. Christopher Soccer MedalSt. Christopher Soccer Medal   R16918
St. Christopher is the patron saint of athletes, porters, sailors and travelers.

A really good confirmation gift idea for an athletic boy
Alpha Omega/Chi-Rho Cross   Alpha Omega/Chi-Rho Cross   R16093

The Chi-Ro is Latin initials for Christ.  It was the emblem of St. Constantine and is favored among soldiers.  It is a great confirmation gift for men

From Stuller Catalog:

Alpha and Omega Confirmation Rings  (R7046) 

Key chains:  Dove  R16888
                     Five-way R16884
                     St Christopher  R16883
                     Miraculous  R1688

Catholic Confirmation gift of a Crucifix        R40527  

Unique Confirmation gift of a Celtic Cross   R16012


First Communion & Masterpiece

Religious Gifts for Confirmation that are not jewelry.

Wall Crosses  (seven gifts of the Holy Spirit)  WC633

Statues of Patron Saints  (St Andrew PW777/28)  series




Patron Saints medals  8000SS   series  great confirmation gifts for any age

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