Baptist Confirmation

Baptist  Confirmation

The Baptist Church does not practice confirmation.  The Baptist Church, especially those descending from the Anabaptist tradition, practice what is called 'Believer's Baptism'.  'Anabaptist' stems from the words meaning 'Adult Baptist'.
In Believer's Baptism a person is baptized on the basis of their admission of faith into a local faith based community.  Baptisms in the Baptist Church are performed in a variety of manners but baptism by immersion (the entire body is immersed by water) is more common.  Immersion as opposed to 'aspersion' in which water is sprinkled upon the head or 'affusion' where water if poured over the head.
The fundamentals of 'believer's baptism are explained in Ephesians 2:8-9 "by grace through faith' and in II Timothy 2:15 "rightly dividing the word of truth'.
In general, believer's baptism is intended for those who have been 'reborn in Christ'.  The belief being one is crucified (standing in water), one is buried (immersed into the water) and one is 'resurrected into life' (raised out of the water).  Baptism by water, then, is considered an outward testimony of the believer's inward faith.  The person, a sinner, is saved in the instant he places his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Baptism is a visible sign of the believer's faith.
According to the 'believers' only those who have trusted in the Lord as their personal savior are eligible for baptism.  Therefore, young children who have not yet reached what is considered to be the age of reason will not be baptized except under exceptional circumstances as a request of the parents.  Children who profess their faith as early as the age of seven have been and are baptized.
Baptism takes place in the presence of other believers thought not necessarily inside a church.  Baptism is not considered a 'sacrament' but an 'ordinance'.  One is not 'saved' by baptism.  One is saved by their faith in Jesus Christ.  Infants are not baptized because of the belief that an infant is not able to profess their own faith.  Infants are accepted into a special blessing in the presence of other believers and in the expectation that the infant will 'grow in Christ' obtaining knowledge and understanding until he/she is able to profess their faith themselves.  Because of the expression of faith when one is baptized believers do not consider confirmation necessary.

baptist confirmation

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